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Profile Of Porches

Profile of Porches

The portico, the precursor to the porch, originated in ancient Greece as a formal framing device that created an appearance of authority. The design element was brought to America by the British and were often used as status symbols. Full-height entry porticoes were also functional – to take advantage of breezes and provide shade on hot summers of the South.

Later renditions called verandas were built as full-length or wrap-around galleries, usually extensions of the roof and fully integrated into the house. This shaded the house’s interior and allowed for windows to be left open in the rain. The modern porch came about 125 years ago, as a covered entry over a door. What started as a symbol of status and evolved to a functional gathering place – creating a feeling of community and family.

“Make your porch a part of your home, and it will make you a part of the community.”

Regardless of what we call it today, the porch is where your home says hello to visitors. It is the beginning of your house, providing shelter from the weather and a place to relax. And though often taken for granted, a porch says a lot about who lives there.

Recently, we have been building, adding and renovating porches – funny how things run in streaks. We thought we’d share our porch journey over the years. We believe that Spring is the perfect time to make some “porch time” with family, friends and the dogs. And if you’re inclined – send us a picture of your porch time.