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The Team
David Sutphen, Kate Hansen, Rob Bricker, John Fuller, Dave Swift, Matt Swift, Brian Will, Brady McInnes, and Vivi and Wisa

Every opportunity to renovate, restore or create begins with our team. With over 185 years of collective experience, we take what we have learned and integrate it into every project. Attention to the details assures integrity and lasting quality.

It takes a talented team to transform homes and build client relationships. We are fortunate to have assembled a team of exemplary craftsmen who love what they do and are proud of the work they produce.

David Sutphen

David Sutphen, founder of Southfen, has been at this for many years and it’s evident, with each opportunity, that passion fuels his work. That passion was formed at an early age when David found a  carpenter’s pencil on the construction site of their family’s new home in 1963. With that, he drew a log cabin for a school project and wrote a report on the importance of “the home”. When the Sutphen family home was completed, David’s father built a small barn and set up a wood working shop. Here, David learned wood working and then in high school he excelled in mechanical drawing.

Today, quietly, but with purpose, David continues to provide homeowners with creative, functional designs and well-executed craftsmanship.

As the business has grown and evolved, so has David. His passion for restoration continues and the importance of “living small”. He draws on his talents to design and craft smaller homes and unique spaces – using the highest quality materials and practical designs. “Build what you need and use what you build”

To read more about David’s ideas on Design, visit here.